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Who Is Robyn?
Why Is She Hosting This Webinar?

Robyn Openshaw is a 35-year educator, and a former university professor of American history and economics. She’s spent 1,000 hours studying cryptocurrencies in the past few years.

For 15 years, Robyn, known as the Green Smoothie Girl, has felt strongly that people need to know about green smoothies — one of the best, and easiest, habits for health.  And now, she feels strongly that people need to know about crypto. And fast.

Cryptocurrencies are the fastest appreciating asset class, outperforming stocks, real estate, and precious metals. But, the world of crypto is confusing, and it’s hard to get started.

That’s why Robyn is hosting a free webinar for beginners to get them up to speed, and an online community to guide people how to be successful, through hands-on videos, live Q&As, and more.

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