I am Robyn Openshaw. I am not a financial adviser.
However, I’m a 35-year educator, and I believe that in every crisis there is opportunity.

Historically, most people don’t see the big opportunity, early, and get in on it. Most people wait until “everybody’s doing it,” and by then, the big opportunity has gone past them.

But if you’re like all smart people these days, you’re seeing what’s happening, and it’s stressing you out. Want the best anti-anxiety pill ever?

Let’s take a look at how to hedge against the oncoming hyperinflation and protect your financial future. Value never “goes away”--it shifts elsewhere.

What if there’s a way to get some of your net worth out of dollars, and into the best “store of value” available worldwide? What if some people will be the “losers” in the collapse of fiat currencies, and some people will be “winners”--and by learning how, you could get in on being part of the “new rich?”

We are launching an Insiders Mastermind membership to train you on how to take advantage of new cryptocurrency opportunities in our fast-changing world, to be in the 1% who grows their wealth meteorically, even as ALL the fiat currencies of the world are in massive decline. With 9,000+ registered crypto projects, though, joining a community to discuss best strategies and purchases is critical.

Unfortunately, the middle class is poised to lose the equity, savings and earnings we’ve worked hard to retain over the years. Hoping that one day we could retire and enjoy a high quality of life.

Those in the TAFF Insiders Mastermind group will understand how the devastating economic circumstances in the world can be turned to their own favor.

I believe that getting your discretionary funds into cryptocurrencies (some are gems, some aren’t) is a way to get in on the “upside” of the catastrophe that was put into motion starting in March, 2020.


And now is the perfect time. We’re not even really the “early adopters”--they jumped in 10 years ago! We’re at that perfect moment in time, though, I believe, where “buying and holding” is far easier than it was even a few years ago (when only “techies” could figure it out), AND the huge “bull run” is yet to come.

(In other words, we are still in the early phases, and more people--even institutions and people in traditional financial markets--are waking up to how fast their dollar is losing its value, and how their strategy to protect their future should change accordingly.)

Most of the world is asleep to the power, transparency, and utility of crypto currencies and related blockchain technology. The globalists rely on it; it’s not going away; it’s only going to pick up steam; and we are unwise to ignore it. It is our future, when it comes to money, and when it comes to wealth.

Ask 10 people on the street if they own bitcoin, and generally, all 10 will say no. And 5 will say, “What’s bitcoin?”

This will not be the case in 2 years. If you don’t join us on this webinar, please just remember, a few years down the road, I invited you!

The US dollar is losing 1% of its value every month, whereas my cryptocurrency holdings have grown 800% in the last year. 100 million people in the world own bitcoin, and many experts predict 200 million will own it in the next few years. But, everyone on the planet CANNOT own even 0.01 of a bitcoin , and currently only 3% of the world owns any. There’s a market cap of 21 million coins that cannot be exceeded. And, there are cryptocurrencies I wouldn’t touch, and there are some I’m far more bullish on, than bitcoin!

The global forces that are taking control of most of the world have already announced that their global currencies will be cryptocurrencies. (They’ve even stated WHICH cryptos they’ll be using!)


I have invited amazing crypto-guru friends of mine, to partner with me, and provide quick-and-easy training, to get up to speed, and form a community of those willing to learn, and protect their wealth. (Or create some!)

Often you hear marketers say that something is an “opportunity of a lifetime.” But many financial experts are even calling the transition to cryptocurrency, for those who get in early, “the greatest financial opportunity in the history of the world.”

We cannot guarantee any specific results; we are not giving financial advice; we have an education mission only, and we can only teach you what we know, and what we’re doing, and why.


For $97/month, you can join our TAFF Insiders Mastermind private group, where you can take advantage of everything we’ve been learning the past year. “Pick our brains,” so to speak. Get up to speed, fast. Plus join a group of beginners where we speak plain English about complex subjects. In fact, pay for 3 months upfront, and you can reduce your price to $67 / month!

Have questions you want answered personally? Book 30-min for $69 or for $99 book a 60-min consultation with one of my crypto guru friends! Bring your list of questions!

Most all “crypto” podcasts, courses and videos available today, leave you dazed and confused. Even the ones with names like “Crypto 101” or “Bitcoin for Beginners.” There is an entire ecosystem and language that most of us cannot understand, in virtually every video out there, and it can be daunting!

For a long time, every time I’d go to learn about Bitcoin and the world of crypto, and I’d give up in frustration. It was like crashing a tech-nerd convention, where I had no idea what they were talking about.

Join TAFF Insiders Mastermind (TAFF is TakeActionForFreedom, the website I started in March, 2020) to start learning, ask your questions, and get on the train, rather than be among the 99% who are saying to themselves, a year from now, “I wish I’d bought cryptos!”

That’s another confusing thing. There are LOTS of cryptos out there, and most of them I wouldn’t invest in. We’ll get into which ones we think will 2x to 100x in the next few years, and why, for educational purposes only.

Investing in cryptocurrencies is volatile, and risk is involved. We will never encourage you to go into debt, to participate. In fact, we are not in the business of giving financial advice. We will talk about Robyn’s approach with the “why” at every step of our journey--that have massively increased our wealth, and with minimal risk. (We’ll share risk-minimizing, profit-maximizing tips. The tips we wish WE’D had!)

And, we’ll bring you together with others who are just starting, or well down the path, for a fantastic, supportive community of people right where you are--just getting started, and wanting a guide. 

 We are looking to help build and support the new class of multi-millionaires for the 2020’s decade.

This mastermind is led by Robyn Openshaw,
who will bring you up to speed on:

1 ) What’s crypto, and what’s blockchain? In plain English!


2 ) What are the “alt” coins and which ones do you think are going to become very valuable, and why?


3 ) What are the best resources to get up to speed, fast, to be on the train soon, before a bitcoin costs $300,000 like most are predicting (and some predict as high as $3M), and others increase in value 2x, then 10x and 20x and higher?

4 ) What are the pitfalls to avoid?


5 ) What are the best trading platforms, for ease of use and low fees?


6 ) What are the pros and cons of different “wallets?”


7 ) And much more!


Join TAFF Insiders Mastermind -- get $100k’s of value for $97 a month, in our launch, and let’s get the answers, together, with a supportive, positive community around you! Buy 3 months of membership in the community upfront, to reduce your membership to $67/mo!

Have questions you want answered personally?
Book 30-min for $69 or for $99 book a 60-min consultation with one of my crypto coaches! Bring your list of questions!

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