Ep. 16: What’s REALLY Going On In India–It’s NOT What the Media Says! with Gopi K.


Physicist Gopi Krishna has been a tireless warrior for Utah’s freedom, and both his parents are MD’s in India. He fills us in on what the truth is, about what’s going on in India, since governments and mainstream media want you to believe that 15 months later and no real outbreak there, all this time, suddenly India is dying en masse from the virus. It’s not true, and learning from Gopi will help hone your critical thinking skills as you evaluate media headlines. We discuss how variants weaken, rather than strengthen, the original virus that 99.85% survive, according to analysis by Stanford’s Dr. John Ioannidis. We discuss how the Maxine, however, makes its recipients highly vulnerable, for life, to all respiratory illness, and how Gopi’s MD parents have become India’s new “untouchables,” reviving the old caste system, for being aware of the truth and refusing to wear masks or dance with Maxine.


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