Ep. 13: Alena Ericksen Takes On Sheriffs In Utah: How You Can Join the Fight Where You Live!


Alena Erickson and Robyn Openshaw dish about sheriffs in Utah who won’t do their job; who Utah’s freedom warriors are; how we’re holding elected officials’ feet to the fire; and where to go from here in being part of the resistance as our governor and school boards, city and county councils, and sheriffs and mayors have bought in on tyrannical propaganda. (Some, but not all.) How to organize and be part of Utah’s resistance.


May 4 2021 -Granite School District meeting where free speech was suppressed and 200 parents angry about abuse of their children took over the school board from the mask-loving school board who all resigned.

30 pages of legal code violations -Alena is holding Utah sherriffs’ feet to the fire: Utah Code that incriminates government

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