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Episode 3

We Aren’t Going to War With China!

The basement podcasters have been promising you a superhero movie ending, to the insanity surrounding the presidential election and the threats to democracy. Not only is that wishful thinking contradicting ALL evidence, but we’re also NOT going to war against China, as Mike Adams claims, and I explain why, here. I also give additional thoughts and recommendations about the Utah and USA freedom efforts, and how YOU can be instrumental in your state.

Episode 2

Pam Popper’s Landmark Ohio Lawsuit–and How You Can Push Back On Your Emperor Too!

I thought this would be a conversation about Dr. Popper’s book, “Covid Operation: What Happened, Why It Happened, and What’s Next.” Instead, it became a great instruction on how we can SUE our governors — and stop the oncoming Communism — for the fact that there IS NO EMERGENCY, and they know it. Everyone who wants to be part of standing up to tyranny should listen to this.


Make Americans Free Again

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Episode 1

The Year 2020 in Review In Utah, and What Lies Ahead in 2021

Robyn Reviews The Utah Fight for Freedom in 2020, What's Ahead of Us in 2021 Under Emperor Cox

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