Non-Consent Cards Utah


  • An EASY way to protect your rights!
  • 5 LAMINATED Non-Consent cards
  • For Vaccination & Testing rights
  • Cards fit in a wallet — for easy anytime access
  • Carry these cards with you & give to everyone you care about!
  • Plus, 2 printed documents: a Summary of Rights & Declaration of Non-Consent
  • All proceeds go to supporting the Utah Economic Coalition, to save Utah small businesses and jobs!
  • Buy extra sets for only $5!

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We Need to Come Together to Protect Our Freedoms! 

Under Utah law, you are assumed to consent unless you withdraw that consent. So you must know your rights and be able to represent them.

What you’ll get: 

  • 5 LAMINATED Utah Non-Consent Cards (wallet sized) 
  • A printed Utah Declaration, and  
  • A printed Summary of Your Rights Under Utah Law 

How to use your Utah Non-Consent Cards and Documents 

  • Keep this card in your wallet and show it, if any government employee, corporation, or other entity tries to force you to get a medical test you don’t want.
  • You have a LEGAL right to decline, and no one can fire you, for refusing.
  • Show the other side if you are told (illegally) that you must get a vaccine for your job, or to enter a business or for any other reason. 
  • Read and sign the other two documents when they arrive, so you understand your rights clearly, and keep them handy in your home. 

Help save Utah freedoms, small businesses, and jobs! 

All proceeds go to supporting the Utah Economic Coalition. Its mission is to stand up to Governors Herbert and Cox, and the Utah Health Departments, who are severely harming Utah’s small businesses, jobs, and schools, with illegal mandates. 

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