Info on HR 6666

I’ve never seen a more astonishing attack on our freedom than HR 6666. This bill called the Testing, Reaching, and Contacting Everyone (TRACE) Act has loopholes that enable all kinds of government overreach that we’ve all already seen too much of, with subtle language like “and for other purposes.”

So, with $100B of your money, that just sets up the tracer army, they’ll be back for more money soon enough, they also have a catch-all ability to add other ways to spend your tax dollars.

(As if we haven’t spent enough putting every American, and every tax payer, on government welfare indefinitely. Bank bailouts, CARES act, PPP, unemployment now in tens of millions in just 3 months of forcing destruction of jobs and small business -- if we keep handing out money like dollars are Skittles, the price of everything, including food, will be triple, by year end. We all pay for this, and they’re projecting that $.15 of every dollars we spend, now, goes to interest payments on this new government spending.)

Contact Tracking is an attempt to legalize surveillance, which is a violation of Article I of the Constitution. It is a “health police force” that can force medical testing of various kinds, as well as tracking and policing your movements.

Contact Tracking means that YOUR tax dollars would be funding an army of the newly unemployed, to stalk you in your home, empowered to take you from your home, if they don’t like what they see.

If that sounds Orwellian, draconian, and too insane to be believed, let me share with you what a newly trained Utah contact tracker told me (asking me not to use her name) about her training:

Think how many people are in your phone. Any one of them can test positive for CVD19, and if you’ve been anywhere near them in the last two weeks, it could cost you your job, and your ability to even leave your home without a large fine or jail time.

Google knows where you’ve been all day, every day, for the last 30 days, and the latest iPhone update put a tracker on your phone without asking your permission. Even without that tracker, the data can be obtained by the government, with a bit more effort.

Contact trackers can show up at your home and order you not to leave for 14 days, if you spent even 10 minutes within 6 feet of someone who tested positive for CVD19. Keep in mind, this is even if THEY are symptom free, and YOU are symptom free!

They can show up at your home, if you were in the same BUILDING for an hour, with someone who tests positive. They can banish you to house arrest even if your contact with an infected person was 2 days before they tested positive.

The contact tracker said to me, “We are trained in how to convince you to do what we say. We are told not to leave without all the right documentation about what we learned about you, and I don’t see what, about this, is ‘voluntary.’”

It appears to me that pacifying the people, telling them that the tracker is “voluntary,” is how they placate and pacify you, to comply. It’s voluntary all the way until you resist.

I do not believe this is about containing CVD19, at all. This is about establishing systems and technology and dominance of the people, for any and all purposes, like Communist China did. Remember, they kept the people quiet and compliant with (a) assuring them it was for their own good, and (b) threats.

This, of course, is what you’re seeing, too.

CVD19 has morphed and mutated already, extensively, and will continue to do so. This means that with the new power the government is trying to take for itself, all in an effort to “protect” you, anytime anyone anywhere gets a fever or a cough, or has a positive test result…

....YOU could lose your job, and be on house arrest. Because you were in the same grocery store with them, or in a restaurant with them. (This will enable them to continue to destroy every restaurant that is able to re-open, by terrifying everyone about going to a restaurant. If I go to a restaurant, I’ll leave my phone home, and pay with cash.)

This is absolutely no different than Communist China, where they openly disavow personal liberties, and mistreat their citizens with “social credit scores,” where those who haven’t followed government orders to a tee their entire lives cannot travel, cannot even get on a train.

And in a police state like Communist China, there are many, many police orders you could accidentally violate.

We must stand up to this. We must not lull ourselves into complacency, lying to ourselves that our government has only our best interests at heart. Throughout history, any freedom we give up, we never get back, without a serious uphill fight. Government doesn’t give up budgets for its programs, it doesn’t give up power it has appropriated for itself.

Please write your congressional reps immediately, with one of the many pre-written letters that show clear awareness of these issues. YOU are the best governor of your health and your choices. If the government was concerned about your health, they wouldn’t be sending CVD19 patients into nursing homes and hospice facilities, as Gov. Cuomo has done in New York.

Each of the letters I have pre-written for you ALSO tells your rep that you are watching them and will NOT vote to re-elect any representative that gives your freedom away.

EVERY time a government official overreaches their authority, they tell you that it’s for your own good, your safety, your protection.

Let me ask you something. Do you think YOU, or the government, is the best decision maker, for what is best for you?

Do you have any examples of when government makes great decisions for people’s health?

How about this: do you have any examples of governments who have taken rights away from the people, and then given them back voluntarily, later, de-funding themselves?

I don’t have any examples of that, either.

Please share the link to friends, family, and on your social media accounts, to help people become aware that FUNDING CONTRACT TRACKERS FOR $100B is not something we can afford.

We don’t have money for that, and why would you want to go broke, funding government programs, and give up your freedom to a Communist concept, all in one fell swoop?

Your representatives in Congress need to hear from you!